We did it again!

¡Estamos de celebracion! ¡El Santamarca ha vuelto a pasar por segundo año consecutivo a la final de Nueva York de Global Classrooms! ¡Enhorabuena!

Marina González y Daniel Herschel de 3° C de la ESO. La delegación ganadora representando a Marruecos. ¡¡¡Buen trabajo!!! ¡¡¡Ahora a Nueva York!!!

Global Classrooms 2021

Last Tuesday we participated in the Global Classrooms Conference 2021. This year was a bit different since the conference was online via Microsoft Teams instead of going to Crif Las Acacias like we did the previous years.

Our five delegations attended the online meetings from 8:30 to 14:30 and they practiced their Opening Speeches, Moderated Caucus (debates) and wrote their resolutions during the Unmoderated Caucus

They were all very happy at the end of the Conference specially our three delegations that got some awards: Marta and Naira received “Best Opening Speech”, Daniel and Marina “Best Resolution” and Pablo and Maxine were the “Most Diplomat Delegation”. Again, IES Santamarca was very successful at Global Classrooms.

Next week we will know if we made it to the Final Conference. We will tell you everything about it!

Global Classrooms

Next Tuesday we participate in the Global Classrooms conference with a group of students from 3rd ESO Sección.

Last year it was a great success. It was our first year participating and we made it to the finals! We were one of the 18 schools selected from 130 schools from the whole Comunidad of Madrid. Only 4 schools from Madrid capital made it and we were really proud.

Not only this, but also we got two honorable mentions for two of our delegations at the Finals in Asamblea de Madrid. Our students’ performance was outstanding!

We will keep you updated on our delegations adventures this year but we are sure they will do a great job too! Hard work always pays off.

St. Patrick Week

This week at IES Santamarca we are celebrating St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, which takes place every year on March the 17th. And what are we doing exactly?

In the English subject, we’ve been investigating about Irish mithology with our Language Assistants David and Alfonso. We are now experts on Púca, Leprechauns and fairies! We also participate in a literary contest organized by Lai Spain. You can check it out here!

In Music, with Elaine, we are digging into some Celtic dances. So funny!

And in Physical Education we are getting to know more about Irish sports, such as hurling.

Funny Cartoon Leprechaun Doing the Famous Dab Move.

Esta semana en el Santamarca celebramos San Patricio, el patrón de Irlanda, que tiene lugar el 17 de marzo y, de esta manera, aprendemos más sobre cultura irlandesa.

En la asignatura de Inglés, estamos estado investigando sobre mitología irlandesa con nuestros auxiliares David y Alfonso. Ahora somos expertos en Púcas, Leprechauns y hadas.

En Música nos hemos lanzado con unos bailes celtas.

Y en Educación Física estamos aprendiendo sobre deportes irlandeses como el Hurling.

Trip to Netherlands

A few weeks ago, April 5th to be exact, some students and teachers went on a trip to the Netherlands. We interviewed two of the travellers to find out more about their trip. Here’s what they had to say……

Traveler: Rosario – 1A

SB: What was the most exciting place you visited while you were in the Netherlands?
Rosario:For me, the most exciting place we went to was Amsterdam, the city in general. I loved every part of it and I think it’s a really beautiful place that has developed as a new and modern city keeping its traditional architecture and culture.

SB: Are there any similarities between Spain and Netherlands?
Rosario: There were some similarities, but I found everything so different from Spain starting with the bike and finishing with the fact that weed is legal.

SB: What was the main language spoken and did you have trouble communicating?
Rosario: The main language spoken was Dutch, but almost everywhere you could found people with a good level of english and the students from our exchange had a really good english. Anyway, if languages aren’t your thing you can always use google or just try to use body language. I think in the end we didn’t have much trouble communicating and we even learned some Dutch!!

SB: Was there anything that is done differently there that you wish Spain will adapt? i.e the bike path.
Rosario: In the Netherlands they had a lot of things that I loved and that I wished we had here in Spain. One of them is the bikes, there where bike paths everywhere and they were well built and safe, (most of them separated from the cars) and the bikes had the priority over cars and people. Also another thing I liked was their daily routine, they had a huge breakfast then some snack at around 12am and then a huge dinner at 6pm, I think that’s healthier than here in Spain.

SB: What were your overall impressions of the Netherlands?
Rosario: For me, this exchange was just amazing, the people in the Netherlands are so polite, sometime a little bit cold or too polite, I loved the houses and the small villages as well as Amsterdam and I enjoyed every second of the week.

Traveler: Lucia 1C

SB: What was the most exciting place you visited while you were in the Netherlands?
Lucia: I honestly liked them all pretty much, but I guess Amsterdam would be the most exciting one, probably because it’s the capital and you are already looking forward to going there, it is also cheerful with all the shops, people and leisure in general

SB: Are there any similarities between Spain and Netherlands?
Lucia: I particularly didn’t find any clear similarity between both countries, both cultures are pretty different in general. Dutch people were really friendly and I think Spanish people are as well. Buildings and nature are slightly different too.

SB: What was the main language spoken and did you have trouble communicating?
Lucia: English of course since it’s not our/my main language and you always struggle with something like that but we all managed to talk between each other with no problem.

SB: Was there anything that is done differently there that you wish Spain will adapt? i.e the bike path.
Lucia: Actually there’s nothing I saw there that I missed or weren’t used in Spain. Probably their high school, which was public just like ours, seemed to be better, the teaching facilities at least from the outside. Now, I don’t know how the education is. But things liked were the public transport schedule related to their lifestyle… I prefer Spain in at least those aspects (that’s my opinion of course)

SB: What were your overall impressions of the Netherlands?
Lucia: I found it to be a pretty country with beautiful buildings facades and canals throughout the cities. Charming, nice people that follow every rule and are respectful with them. And also are healthy people in general since they have to use the bicycle for going almost everywhere. I liked it.

The 5Rs journals

The students in 2D are back at it again!! Trying to save planet earth. When they’re not busy studying, these students are preoccupied on how they can reduce their ecological footprint. Thus making not only their communities but their world a better place.

Recently, the students have been working on different ways they can contribute to our world’s over consumption problem. Here are some of their journals that outlines their plan.

¡Regresan otra vez los estudiantes de 2D! Esta vez intentan salvar a nuestro planeta. Cuando no están estudiando, los estudiantes están preocupados con reducir su huella ecológica. Así mejoraran no solo sus comunidades, pero también el mundo en que todos vivimos.

Recientemente, los estudiantes han estado pensando en diferentes formas en cuales pueden contribuir a ayudar con el problema mundial de consumo excesivo. Aquí mostramos unos de sus diarios que perfilan sus planes.

Having fun while gaining global awareness

Recently, the students in 2D have been participating in an international online learning program call Global Scholars. The program, which was started by Bloomberg philanthropies, aims to promote global awareness to middle school students age 10-13. Although, it is an online platform, the program offers activities that can be done both online and in the classroom.
Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in digital presentations, have online discussions with students across the globe and use their critical thinking skills to work on community projects.
In the classroom, we had the opportunity to play a board game that challenged the students to make some tough choices regarding resources as mayor of a city. Overall, the students were well engaged and learned that managing resources is not an easy task.
Global Scholars is great program that is fostering the young minds of today to become great leaders of tomorrow. For more information on global scholars check out their brochure here.

Recientemente, los estudiantes de 2D han estado participando en un programa internacional de aprendizaje por internet llamado Global Scholars. El programa, que fue empezado por filantropías Bloomberg, intenta promover conciencia global a estudiantes de edades 10 a 13. Aunque es una plataforma por internet, el programa ofrece actividades que pueden ser hechas en línea y en el aula.

Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de participar en presentaciones digitales, discusiones en internet con estudiantes de todo el mundo, y usar sus habilidades de pensamiento crítico en proyectos comunitarios.

En el aula, tuvieron la oportunidad de participar en un juego de mesa donde eran ellos el alcalde de una ciudad y tuvieron que hacer decisiones difíciles sobre los recursos disponibles. Sobre todo, los estudiantes participaron muy bien y aprendieron que asignar recursos no es algo fácil.

El programa Global Scholars es increíble en su manera de ayudar a jóvenes convertirse en los líderes de mañana. Para más información sobre Global Scholars pueden ver aquí.

Excursion al parque Juan Carlos Primero

Los estudiantes de segundo de la ESO pasaron la mañana del martes 12 en el parque Juan Carlos Primero. Las actividades incluyeron un trabajo en equipo buscando ciertas estatuas por el parque y marcando sus coordenadas con una brújula. Los equipos tenían una hora para localizar las nueve estatuas y regresar al punto de inicio. Además de aprender a usar una brújula, la actividad reforzó el trabajo en equipo.

Después de un descanso para comer, los chicos se separaron en dos grupos y aprendieron un poco sobre el piragüismo antes de subirse a las canoas y kayaks. Los líderes de las actividades les mostraron cómo sostener las palas y cómo coordinar mientras en el agua. En parejas se subieron a los kayaks y después jugaron un juego todavía en el agua. La otra mitad de los chicos subieron a dos canoas y participaron en una divertida carrera contra sus compañeros.

Los dos grupos cambiaron de actividades después de un rato, para que todos disfrutaran de la experiencia. Al final, los chicos quedaron un poco mojados pero muy divertidos. Varios de ellos hasta mostraron interés en practicar piragüismo después de esta excursión! Fue un día activo y agradable para todos.

Ski Trip 2019

Santamarca students and teachers at Astun

Last week a few lucky students and teachers had the opportunity to partake in the annual ski trip to Astun. The yearly trip allows the students to learn and build up their confidence in a fun winter sport.

The trip, which commenced on a Sunday, lasted for five days. The students and teachers had to arrive to school early to take a long bus ride to Jaca. They then had to get fitted, pick-up their ski and snowboard rentals, then check into their hotels —sounds exhausting. The next few days consisted of the students waking up at the crack of dawn to have their breakfast before tackling the mountain trails. Overall, it sounds like it was a tiresome, but fun-filled week.

Skiing or snowboarding is a fun winter activity. It’s a thrilling way to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’ve ever thought about trying out this fun winter activity with your family checkout Astun’s website here. We’re certain you’ll enjoy it.

Christmas 2018 Tales Contest winners

Our first post for the New Year!! Happy New Year everyone! Or as they say in Espana – Feliz año! Hope you all had a relaxing holiday with your family and friends. If you’re like us, you’re probably still daydreaming about all the fun times you had during the holiday season. Luckily, we have something to cure those January blues. We have selected the winners from our annual Christmas Tales contest. I’m not sure if it’s just us, but these kids seem to be getting more and more creative every year. Take a look at some of this year’s stories.

Our Christmas by Teresa Esclarin 

Aunt Petunia was very  excited to be celebrating Thanksgiving’s dinner at her home. She was at the kitchen preparing mashed potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Green Bean casserole, gravy and turkey. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without the turkey…

Ever since I was just a chick I’ve heard about Christmas,, Thanksgiving Day, and all the other holidays  when people get together with their families to have dinner and fun. It sounds great, right?

But when I grew up, I began hearing  rumours about what people have for dinner on those wonderful holidays. Guess what? Us! Their plan is to feed us, make us get fat, then kill us and… eat us.

But as I’ve said, those  are just rumours, a story to make the chicks go back to their nest and go to sleep. But now that Mr. Burner, the owner of the farm where I live, has started to give us more food, I’ve began to get a bit worried.  I’ve mentioned my concerns to my friend Luc and he agrees with me; we are in trouble. We decide to tell Lara (a very beautiful and wonderful mother, for chicks and turkeys, who I don’t like) and she started to panic. I told  them it isn’t fair that turkeys can’t celebrate Christmas because we’re eaten first by humans. So then, we came up with a great idea; we were going to escape!

We waited until dark and the three of us snuck  inside Mr. Burner’s house. It was all in silence and in the dark. We started to walk silently through the corridor. There were  a few pictures on the wall and Lara felt like they were watching us. I tried to calm her being the strong turkey I was (even though I was shaking like a leaf) and we continued walking. There was a strange light at the end of the corridor. We arrived in the living room, where the farmer had put up the Christmas tree and has left on all the decorative lights. . We were all absorbed at looking at the beautiful coloured-lights when a shadow appeared  from behind.. We turned around and and found an enormous cat glaring at us with its teeth showing. My blood ran cold when I saw him and Luc screamed. The cat tried to catch him with it’s terrible claws, but I reacted swiftly and quickly took him away by the wings. I called out to Lara and she followed Luc and I. We started to climb up the Christmas tree, I let Lara go first while Luc was behind.. He was quickly getting tired while trying to escape with his fat butt. Why did he have to  to eat all of Mr.Burner’s food? The cat was chasing us and climbing faster than us. He was going to catch Luc when decided to I use the tinsel from the tree to swing down to save him like Tarzan. I caught Luc and we swung to the highest point of the tree, but the cat was still trying to get us. Lara was so afraid and Luc started to scream we are going to die, we can’t go anywhere. But then, when everything seemed lost, I got an idea. I ordered them to stay together and to grab on to the huge and shiny golden star at the top of the tree.  The cat saw that he had trapped his prey and decided s to jump and catch it once and for all, but then, the Christmas tree swung and fell against the window smashing the glass. We fell down to the floor and I made sure everyone was okay. I turned around and saw that the cat, “Mr. Whiskers” were all tangled up with the lights and the tinsel and the tree was partly hanging outside the broken window. Suddenly the lights came on and we heard Mr. Burner shouting blasphemies from his room. We decided to run away as fast as we can.

Now we are free. Now we can celebrate Christmas, and I’m so happy to be able to be with my friends, safe and alive. My name is Liam Turkyson and I’m one of the first turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving from a pretty safe distance from the nearest kitchen, restaurant or aunt Petunia’s dining table, and I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas!

Be sure to also download the other winner’s stories. They were all well written. Congratulations again to all the winners!!

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